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Junior Software Engineer

Melbourne, Australia


At Genero, we use a modern tech stack; our front-end application is written in React, and powered by a Node.js microservice architecture, with GraphQL tying it all together. We’re looking at hiring proactive engineers to help us continue to build and improve all aspects of our product. If you appreciate clean, well-thought-out code, then read on to learn more.

As part of our development team, you’ll be working closely with our design and product team to develop innovative and world-class tools for brands looking for a more creative and agile approach to video content production.

We’re a small engineering team, so you’ll be able to have a large impact on our product and workflow. We treat DevOps as a team problem – we are all constantly involved in improving the developer experience for each other. 

While this will predominantly be a front-end role, experience with and/or a desire to learn back-end development will be highly regarded.

On a day to day basis, you will

  • Contribute ideas to help build and improve all areas of our technology stack
  • Work with design and product teams, to build and support our platform
  • Work in a team to solve challenging problems
  • Write clean, tested, performant, and reusable code
  • Debug, monitor and analyse software running in production, helping to keep all our systems healthy

Required skills and experience

  • Experience with React, Vue, Angular or a similar Javascript framework
  • An understanding of server-side languages, particularly Node.js
  • Strong front-end skills, with the ability to deliver mobile, responsive, and accessible designs
  • An eagerness to learn new languages, frameworks, and tools
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

Knowledge or experience in the following would be a bonus

  • GraphQL and Apollo (client and server)
  • TypeScript and ES6
  • Testing tools such as Jest, ‘React Testing Library’ and Cypress
  • Cloud platforms – we use Google Cloud Platform but experience with any is a plus
  • Containerisation tools including Kubernetes, Helm and Docker
  • SQL and NoSQL databases, including MySQL and Firestore
  • CI/CD and build tools like CircleCI
  • Package management and bundling tools including Webpack
  • Comfortable working with a Unix like environment

You should be a proactive, results-driven engineer with an eye for detail. You will be constantly challenging your skills and improving your craft as a software engineer.

Other positions.

Part-time role, based in Melbourne, you will report to the CEO, and work closely with our teams across the UK, Singapore, Australia, the US and Brazil

Initially part time, Based in Melbourne, you will report to the Finance Manager, and work closely with our teams across the UK, US, Singapore, Brazil and Australia.

Based in Singapore and reporting to the Melbourne-based CEO, you will be responsible for leading and growing our Asia business, via direct to enterprise relationships and agencies.