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Direct Commissions

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How do Direct Commissions work?

Verified filmmakers can enable a "HIRE ME" button on their profile, allowing clients to offer you work directly: a Direct Commission.

We'll email you whenever you receive an invitation to work via Direct Commission.

When you receive a Direct Commission, you'll receive a brief from the client which will include a budget amount (or a request for you to quote a budget to complete the brief).

You then reply with a pitch explaining how you'll complete the job and confirm the budget amount. You can message the client during this process to ensure both parties agree on the details before moving ahead into production.

When you agree on the details and the budget, the client will make payment and the Commission moves into the production phase. Genero holds the total payment and allows the client to release Progress Payments to you at agreed milestones (eg: a percentage of the payment on delivery of first edit).

Genero provides several platform tools to help you manage this process including messaging (and a mobile app), a timeline for key dates/milestone, and video uploads with timestamped feedback for review/action.

Once the video(s) is complete, the client will release the final payment, and leave feedback on your account.

How do I enable Direct Commissions on my filmmaker profile

You must have a verified Genero account to receive Direction Commissions. We require your profile to be complete - which includes a profile picture, location, a linked social account and verified phone number - in order to get the verified badge.

Once you verify your account, the "HIRE ME" button will be turned on automatically.

You can turn off the "HIRE ME" button by toggling it on your profile, or via your account settings.