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How do you choose the Artists & Songs featured on

We want to make sure we always feature a range of talented musicians from around the world whose music lends itself to creativity in the music videos so we always have that in mind when selecting the artsists and songs we feature.

Can anyone download the tracks featured on the website?

No. The tracks available on are specifically licensed for you to use only in the music videos you make and submit on To download tracks you’ll need to be registered and logged in - and as part of our Terms you agree that you are ONLY downloading the track to use in a project.

IMPORTANT: some projects will have "Additional Terms" which govern how music is used, so it's important you always read the terms and rules for each project.

Do I have to buy the track to use in a music video project?

Where possible we always try and provide the track to the Genero community for free. If it's available as a free download you'll need to be logged in and agree to the terms to download it.

For some projects it's outside of our control and you will need to buy the track. Luckily buying single tracks don't break the bank; usually it will cost you much less than your last cup of coffee.