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Genero Terms

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What are the Terms and Conditions

You need to read, understand and accept the Genero Terms or the specific artist project terms, both of which are linked to from the specific project page you are taking part in. If you need anything clarified just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Who owns the video after I submit it?

When you upload a video to you're granting us an exclusive license for the duration of the project. This is so that if your video is selected there is no problem transferring the rights to the artist or brand. After the project finishes it automatically reverts to a non-exclusive license for all videos except the officially selected video.

For non-selected videos you retain the rights to your original footage so you can do whatever you like with it, as long as any copyrighted material (like music or other assets provided) have been removed.

For all officially selected videos we retain the exclusive license and in most cases this is transferred to the artist, label or brand.

GMT and closing times explained

All closing times we quote are in GMT, which stands for Greenwich Mean Time. This is a global time reference point, and we use it so that everyone knows exactly what time a project closes. To be absolutely certain, we recommend doing a Google search for 'GMT time' which will return the time at that point. Sorry, but we cannot accept late submissions if there is any mis-understanding or confusion about closing times.

We have a countdown on each project page: as you get into the last two days of the deadline it will switch to hours remaining, then minutes - so you know exactly how much time you have left.

Google search for GMT time.

What broadcast specs will I need to supply if I my video is selected?

IMPORTANT: all officially selected videos will be required to upload a broadcast quality version of their file, usually via FTP. If you are unable to supply a broadcast quality file to the client's specifications, your video may be deemed unable to be selected.

Use the below specs as reference only - once selected we will contact filmmakers directly with the exact specs as required by the client:

Codecs: Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
Scaling: Content may NOT be upscaled from SD
Frame size & rate: 1920x1080 25fps Interlaced/Progressive or 29.97fps Interlaced/Progressive or 23.976fps Progressive (1280x720 Progressive only. Note: may be supplied to broadcast as SD)
Color space: ITU-R BT.709

Audio: Stereo LPCM in either Big Endian or Little Endian, 16-bit or 24-bit, at 48kHz (Audio levels should remain constant at -6db as much as possible. Please prevent audio levels going below -12db.)

Clients often require a quick turnaround for broadcast files. With this in mind please familiarise yourself with creating ProRes files in your editing software of choice.

Can I use stock footage or public domain footage in my video?

Because the intention for a selected video is to be used commercially, and the ownership rights to the selected video are to be transfered to the artist/label/brand/agency, we generally do not accept the use of stock or public domain footage, although we do reserve the right to apply discretion.

While some stock footage is cleared for commercial use, the issues of rights ownership and restrictions with licences mean that ownership transfer is generally not possible. Public domain footage generally does not transfer ownership at all.

For the above reasons we require that your video footage is original, created and owned by yourself, and able to be transfered to the artist/label/brand/agency in the event your video is selected.

Checklist and Release Forms

The following is a checklist which you need to comply with before uploading your video. Familiarise yourself with this before starting your project!

You must have completed release forms for every identifiable person in your video (more details below).

You must have completed release forms if your video contains a business name (or recognisable business), brand name, brand logo, or product (more details below).

You must have completed release forms if your video shows any artwork (eg: painting, poster, sculpture etc) where the copyright is not owned by you (more details below).

Unless provided by Genero as an Asset, you must have commercial clearance from the copyright owner to use any additional song, music, soundtrack, lyrics, image, logo, trademark, brand, artwork, video, celebrity look-alike, magazine, poster, book, etc. You can provide details of your source and license when you upload your video, or if no formal licence exists, you must complete an Artwork Release form from the templates provided.

Your video should not contain stock footage/photos etc. These are difficult and complex to clear for commercial use. Learn more.

Your video should not contain anything which can personally identify someone, eg. vehicle number plates, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Do not film any acting talent that is a member of a union, guild, etc.

Do not use any hidden cameras.

Always check the Project page for any special legal requirements, which may differ from points covered on this page.

Read and understand the Project Terms & Conditions which contain more detailed, important information you must agree to.



Release Forms

Clearances & Release Forms are a mandatory part of video production and briefs on Genero.

Failure to follow all of the below important steps may mean that your video cannot be included in the project, and will need to be unpublished from Genero.

Release Forms have been made available to make it easy for you. Note, we can't accept your own versions, or release forms that have been edited from our templates.


People in your video

Every person in your video that is recognisable needs to complete a release form. They’re digital, easy to fill out on a computer or a mobile device, and should only take a minute.

For ADULTS - You must capture an ID copy of each performer along with their form. We accept a driver’s license or passport for verification - or, if they are not available, please include a government issued photo ID.

For MINORS (under 18) - You must capture a government issued photo ID of the performer if available, such as a passport, and have the performer's parent or guardian sign the release form. If a government issued photo ID of the performer is not available a government issued document such as a birth certificate will be accepted with a copy of the parent's photo ID.

Note: You don't need to upload ID's to Genero until Genero directly requests them from you, so just keep them stored safely for now.

Tip: You can partially complete and save release forms in advance of your shoot, so your performers can quickly read and sign on a phone or tablet on the day of the shot.

Tip: Forgot to get a signature? Send the performer a link to their form for them to complete later.

Tip: Are you the director and you also appear in your video? You need to complete a release form too.

Go now → Performer Release Forms

Why does Genero need copies of the performer's ID? All of our clients require confirmation that the performers appearing in the video are the same people who have signed the release forms. For legal and rights purposes, if your video is an Official Selection you must supply Genero with copies of the performer's ID(s) immediately upon request.


Filming groups or filming in public: When it is impossible to get a release from each person (eg. public places & crowd shots), you should post notices at all entrances to the shoot location saying “You give your consent to being filmed and to any use of the resulting footage, still photographs and/or audio in all media, now known or hereafter devised, throughout the universe in perpetuity”. Keep photographs of these postings.

Tip: Learn more about filming in public.


Paintings, design, sculpture, projections or other Artwork in your video

You need permission from the copyright holder of any artwork that appears in your video.

Tip: this does not include custom created visuals (like animation) you or your production team have created for your video.

Download: Release Form - Artwork appearing in the video (pdf)


A business name, product or trademark appears in your video

You need a release form if you have recognisable brands that appear in the foreground of the video, including on clothing, buildings, ads, billboards, etc.

Tip: background, non-featured uses of logos are OK to use without a form.

Download: Release Form - Product and Trademark (pdf)


You have used additional Music or Audio

If you have used licensed music in your video (other than what we provide to you), you will need to include a link to the license in the credits (you can do this while uploading), confirming it can be used commercially without any limitations or restrictions. You can also complete this information on the Edit Details tab of your View Submission page (Sources).

If a friend has provided original music to you, you will need to have them complete the Artwork Release Form so that the music is cleared for commercial use without any fee, limitation or restriction. Please also add your friend’s name in the Sources field of your video details.

Download: Release Form - Friend's music appearing in the video