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Defining a new way to create, together.

A launch for the music industry.

A decade ago we launched a creative platform that enables collaboration with creatives in any corner of the globe. We first revolutionised the traditional approach to making music videos, sparking creative connections between filmmakers and artists like George Harrison, Alicia Keys, David Bowie, Moby and Muse. Check out a selection of music videos produced through Genero below.

A modern marketer’s best friend.

Since our early years we've grown into the most diverse, global network of creative professionals that exists, anywhere. Through technology, we help marketers in any industry generate fresh, diverse creative ideas, find their perfect creative team and scale their video production.

A champion for the world’s creatives.

We’re proud to give creatives from all walks of life the chance to have their voices heard and opportunities to work with global brands and the biggest bands. To create everything from short social content, animation, music videos, TV commercials and even original TV series. To build a successful career, doing what they love.

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