Alcoholic beverages

Food and drink video is increasingly popular, and this creates a tremendous opportunity for alcoholic beverage brands to showcase their products to an engaged and receptive audience.

Explaining the mastery behind the production, introducing the brand, food pairing tips, or showing your audience new cocktail recipes, all of this can is achieved in an engaging way through the use of video.

Brancott Estate celebrates Jari Kuosma, pioneer of the first commercial wing suit

2015 marks 40 years since Brancott Estate pioneered Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. To honour this milestone we celebrate Jari Kuosma, pioneer of the first commercial wing suit.


My goal was to create a fun and quirky animation, with a lot of little details, that would make viewers want to watch it over again. I wanted to try creating something unique so I came up with my own lyrics for my character, 'Rick'. I'm not a great singer, but I tried my best.. My name is Rick And it might not seem it, but I work overtime to be slender and fit. I lunge while I brush. I do squats at the fridge. When my wife isn't home, then I bench press the kids. At night we go out and we pop off the lids of some Miller64 -- with friends in or midsts. Miller64! We drink Miller64! I joyfully sip, as I'm keeping fit-- to Miller64!

Localised TVC for African markets

Diageo needed 30 and 15 second TVCs and social media cut downs to be created for Orijin - a bittersweet alcoholic beverage blended with African herbs and fruits. The content needed to fit within exist

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After briefing filmmakers to bring their new logo to life, Guinness recently commissioned director Josh Hine to create a video for Instagram that could tell the story of the Guinness Harp and its evolution in a bold and creative way.