Social video

The power and reach of social video cannot be ignored by brands, marketers and musicians. Billions of views are racked-up each day across social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and these numbers are growing rapidly.

Video is the most engaging form of content, so you need more video for your social media marketing to be effective. All of the key social media platforms are also moving toward video, so if you're not creating video content your social messages will soon not be seen at all.

Genero's talented filmmakers are experts at creating bespoke social video content at scale, or re-purposing existing video assets for specific social platforms and devices.

SunLife Launches Courtesy Pet Cover

Why is it when your car’s being repaired you can have a courtesy car, but when your poorly pet has to stay at the vet, you have to go home to an empty sofa? Not anymore. SunLife Pet Insurance now comes with courtesy pet cover, so you won’t despair when your pet’s in for repair. That’s right, you’ll get a replacement pet to keep you company while yours is getting back on its paws - free. And that’s not all. We’ll make sure your courtesy pet is the perfect match for you.

Mad Max

Feature film to 4 x Instagram videos

Emotional holiday content delivered in 2 weeks

HP wanted emotional video content to use during the holiday season, and came to Genero with a short timeline. Within a week we delivered a huge selection of great filmmakers and ideas to choose from,

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Humorous videos to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Now

We worked with UK charity Breast Cancer Now and their media agency Carat to engage their audience and encourage them to donate to breast cancer research. Filmmakers were invited to create videos aroun

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