Moby - Wait For Me
Submitted 12 March, 2010. View all videos.


Moby - "Wait for Me" Animation by David T. Krupicz

This is my animated interpretation of Moby's haunting track, exploring the emotions of loss and separation which I felt were strongly represented in the score.

My previous works include a short "Tales from the Afternow", currently in post production, and the award winning animated feature 'Archon Defender' All the modeling, animation, and compositing for this video were done solo (by myself) in a marathon production session over the last 16 days.

The video is actually produced in stereoscopic 3D. This version is the 2D "right eye" version. The 3D master is rendered in 720 p HD, and is suitable for playback in cinematic 3D, conversion to anaglyph red-blue 3D, eventually to 3D blu ray and TV broadcasts etc. For the purposes of this competition, I have chosen to upload the 2D version to avoid entering multiple versions of the same video.