Patrice - Boxes
Submitted 04 November, 2013. View all videos.


Being Alive, with listening to the music of Patrice every day, since years, is really a big gift for me. No other artist than Patrice, reaches me as much with his music as he does.
I just tried, to put all my love to this song and his music, in the video, to give him back, a little part, that he already gave me.

The story:
A story about a human beeing, who wants to get out of his routined daily grind. His work let him forget these certain things, that makes his life livable. Because everyone of us needs this certain things in life, that made us happy, thus successful and free. But this person reached a point in life, where he could not live like this any more. Blessedly, a flash of wit helps him giving him the chance to live to see, changed as a box, these boxes-„bonded“ world. This boxes-trip also shows him, which things made life worth living, and which things does not. He recognized, in our world "everything boxes", but we all need liberty, otherwise these boxes will explode sometime. Thereby, he also recognized that he wants to come back ALIVE! He realizes only braeking out of this "in-boxes-land" into a "out-of-boxes-land" is the solution. Finding himself new, and ultimately doing these personal special things, that made his life worth-living, bringing him back alive and free. And at least, giving him back his blessedness and vitality.

We all need liberty, beatitude and this "ALIVITY". - We are all brothers and sisters. So let's get out of these categorizations and boxes!