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St. George's Knights are a team of inspiring young men who refuse allow their disabilities to prevent them from playing and enjoying sport. Powerchair football gives them 'a level playing field' and their courage, passion and competitiveness drive them to be the very best they can be.

Directed by: Christopher Bevan
Produced by: Belinda Basson
Cinematography: Joff Whaite
Sound: Adam Fletcher
Composer: Paul O'Brien
Edited by: Christopher Bevan
Production Assistant: Aaron Thompson
With special thanks to:
Jason Christer
Lucas Christer
Matt Gilbert
Warren Kelsall
Dylan Kelsall
Jake Lear
Ray Ashley
Gaynor Nash
The St. George’s Knights’ first and development team players
Abigail Reed, Peter Maxwell, Mansoor Raja and all of the staff at St. George’s Park

Credits (5):

Joff Whaite

Joff Whaite

Director of Photography

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien



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