Royksopp - Running To The Sea
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The thrill of your unconscious found moments to seize your senses and you saw hell; its cracks and pits; its projections of you. You know it inside out and you`re in tune. Now the thrill becomes finding the rhythm.

With Loredana Cosovanu

Directed by Mihai Ghiță
Cinematography by Andrei Oană
Choreography by Adrian Iacov
Make-up by Bianca Simion
Gaffers: Paul Chirilă, Laurențiu Răducanu, Matei Lupu, Alexandru Mihai
Edited by Mihai Ghiță
Color correction and grading by Lucian Iordan
VFX: Sebastian Plămădeală and Mircea Ibadof
Produced by Mihai Ghiță, Andrei Oană, Georgiana Maliovski, Adrian Iacov
Production assistant: Georgiana Maliovski

Special thanks to Bogdan Ghiță, Francesca Leonte, Delia Pântecan, Olimpia Stoicea, Mihai Ciobanu, Alexandra Dumitrescu, Bogdan Sandu, Silviu Mustățea, Adi Bulboacă