Lady Antebellum - Heart Break
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There’s a place in our heart where we keep our darkest self in it. We hide the things that we fear, the “self” that is begging to see the light. We sometimes use this space as our healing space. “Break Inn” is a secret space that one can check-in to. It represents the darkest space in your heart, and occupiers can choose to either seek comfort in it and wallow in their shadows, or learn to finally face it and break out of their fears.

In this MV, we go into the space of a soldier & a disabled dancer, whom both kept a part of themselves in the shadows.

For soldier, it’s his struggle with his identity, that he has always felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body. The double life he has to lead

For the disabled, it’s her dream to become a professional dancer, a thought that she has always been laughed at ever since her accident, an insecurity that she has to face moving forward in life.

After a short encounter with each other, which forces them to go into an internal monologue with themselves, they realised that they are not alone in this, and that their shadows deserve to see the light.

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