Lady Antebellum - Heart Break
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The Video is about the things that we go through with love. It tells a compelling story of women from all different backgrounds that face the hard times of being let down and heart broken from the ones they are dating and love, and from the ones they are getting to know.

Brad and Kelly are the first couple that is portrayed in the video cinema. Kelly is getting ready to marry her high school sweetheart, and is feeling super excited about the big day. This country gal has been all over town shopping for the perfect dress. Their wedding is coming up in a few months and she is looking for that perfect country dress to go with her country style wedding. However, at this glorious moment Kelly receives a phone a call from Brad that takes their relationship to somewhere she didn’t see coming.

The next story of broken love is about Tristian and Michelle. Tristian and Michelle have been dating off and on for over year. Michelle finds that Tristian can’t fully commit because of his bad boy ways. But Michelle finds herself hard to let him go because she feels that maybe she can change him and that he will finally come around and let his doggish ways go. Tristian and Michelle go out for a lunch date and instead of them being the happy couple working on their relationship, Tristian pays her no mind and continues his doggish behavior, this time right in front of her. At this point Michelle feels like she has tried every solution and will not let her heart be disrespected anymore.

Finally we have uptown girl with a soul of a southerner. Juliet is a strong powerful business women who is confident in and every aspect of her life. Men are the last thing that comes to this boss woman’s mind. But somehow “The Guy” (she calls him) has latch to her that she can’t let go. Since she is so in control of her life and decisions she has been dating “The Guy” for less than a year. He is very charming, and knows all the right things to say. But his playboy ways and pretty boy style keep Juliet on the fence if she should really give in. Juliet is a coffee a shop and is waiting for him. They had been playing to have a late night coffee stroll at one of Juliet’s favorite spots. Well while waiting, he promises that he will be there, and never shows up. He feels that his charm and pretty boy ways will let him continue to string Juliet along.

The final scene tells how the women let go of love and just let their hair down and be free. The final scene shows the empowerment these women take back and take back gain of their hearts and their loss of love. They let everything go and have a liberation moment together but also within themselves.

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Sedrick G Sedrick G


Writer and Director