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UK ad finds new success with an Asian adaptations.


The brief

Dove needed to recreate an existing 30 second TV commercial with real women from China, Japan and South-East Asia to produce a suite of localised TVCs and talent-focused Key Visuals.

The work

Through Genero, Dove were able to commission a professional creator that understood the concept well and had prior experience directing ‘real’ people.

To recreate the video, he captured authentic, high quality testimonial content from women across the requested markets, taking into consideration local nuances throughout the casting and production processes.

The final content maintains the integrity and quality of the original TVC, while resonating with Dove’s audience in market.

View the original TVC, and the localised China, South-East Asia and Japan versions below.

    Original TVC - UK

    Localised TVC - China

    Localised TVC - South-East Asia

    Localised TVC - Japan

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