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Stopover in Iceland? Icelandair says why not.


The brief

It’s hard to say no to a Stopover in Iceland – even when it could get you in hot water. But not everyone’s aware of Icelandair’s transatlantic stopover service. The airline needed a digital ad that would increase their target market’s awareness of this service in a fun and shareable way, evoking an emotional reaction from the audience.

The work

London Production Company Cat & Weasel were commissioned for this brief after providing a creative idea that fit within Icelandair’s style and visual language, and at the same time was completely out of the box.

The entertaining story of ‘Mikey the Egg’ provides a scenario of someone being in Iceland when they should be somewhere else, which both reinforces the proposition of breaking up the journey and gives the destination a desirability. It also provides a storyline that can be adapted for further executions in the future.

View the final content below, and hear Nicolas Olivier from Icelandair talk us through the brand’s experience on this brief in the case study at the top of the page.

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