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Beyond beauty with real stories of inspiring women.


The brief

Global beauty brand, Lux, were looking for a fresh, creative way to bring their brand purpose to life. The brand believe that women should not have to choose between looking beautiful and being taken seriously, and follow the purpose: Dare to express your beauty and beyond unapologetically.

They partnered with Genero to source a series of inspiring short films, driven by true stories and created by women filmmakers across eight of their key markets in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Arabia.

The work

This brief received an incredible response, with inspiring stories submitted from women across our creative community. The brand commissioned four authentic films from India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia which embody their key messages.

The stories are all unique. One looks at the inspirational women of the South-East Asia women surfing movement in Indonesia, another explains the journey of two courageous women in Pakistan who overcame the challenges of gender stereotyping and became successful artists and entrepreneurs.

Lucius Young, Global Digital & PR Manager at Lux said: “Genero’s solution revolutionised the way we approach content creation. Their solution is an exciting intersection between creativity and authenticity. Most importantly, it showed us the power of a strong curated community, empowered with the right mission”.

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