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A stylised, single-take video ad for slippers.


The brief

Mahabis is a Scandinavian inspired brand, delivering a minimalist range of lifestyle products. They needed a video to promote their new product on TV and digital - slippers you can wear inside and out. The objective of the video was to drive traffic and conversions to in the US and UK.

The work

The commissioned creator, Oton Bacar, delivered a thoughtful solution which worked within Mahabis’ time-frame and budget.

The video follows a young woman as she goes through her day in her Mahabis slippers. It was filmed in front of a green screen in a single smooth tracking shot with the stylised background added in post-production with VFX. Using a professional dancer for the lead, together they choreographed her movements to maximise the viewer’s attention on the slippers and ensure they’re the hero of the content.

Otor said "On a tight turnaround and budget, shooting on a green screen and adding digital environments in post was our best option to creatively answer Mahabis' brief. We ran the camera on a dolly track, and matched the movement in post so we could place the CG backgrounds we had prepared in pre-production. When the layout was locked, it was time for shading and lighting the scene. We were all very happy with the result".

The result

Alice Apsey, Head of Brand and Content, Mahabis said "Investing in video can too often involve a trade-off between creativity, efficiency, or cost. With Genero, we were able to produce a TVC that not just ticked all three, but over-delivered on each, without any need for compromise. Working with their platform meant we could collaborate with a pool of talented creators from across the world, in a matter of days. Having their support on-hand throughout the creative process was invaluable, and we’d recommend them to anyone looking for a smarter solution to video production.”

Watch the full 30 second ad below.

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