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Localising a TVC for new African markets.

Client: DiageoCreator: Scholars and Gentlemen

The brief

Diageo needed 30 and 15 second TVCs and shorter social media edits to be created for Orijin – a bittersweet alcoholic beverage blended with African herbs and fruits. The content needed to fit within existing campaign assets for the Live Orijinal campaign, with a Nigerian TVC provided as inspiration.

The work

The final content took into consideration casting, propping and backgrounds, among other things, to ensure the TVC was easily understood by the core consumer base in Ghana but also be culturally relevant for the whole of West Africa.


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Scholars and Gentlemen is a South African based production house specialising in the delivery of powerful social and environmental film narratives. By combining the finest technical expertise of the industry with a refined and passionate sense of story telling, Scholars and Gentlemen produce broadcast, feature and online film content that both moves, educates and entertains audiences.

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