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Client: POND'S

The brief

After producing 15 and 30 second TV commercials for POND’S®, Genero were briefed to adapt the TVC’s into a range of videos optimised for mobile, for use across Facebook and Instagram.

The work

As a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, our creative network are trained in best practices for producing effective content for social and mobile.

Creators pitched ideas on how to best adapt the existing videos into various narratives that would be thumb stopping and impactful in the mobile environment. The POND’S® team commissioned an idea which reframed the footage and optimised the message.

The commissioned creator delivered a suite of assets for use across Facebook and Instagram, including short, optimised videos, animated GIFs and slideshows, utilising visual techniques designed to capture attention.


Original 15 second TVC


9:16, 6 seconds


4:5, 12 seconds


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