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Graphics Masters: The Multi-Limbed Art of Advertising VFX

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Ellie CK, Creative Community Manager

Being such alien-like creatures, everyone has their own idea of what an octopus looks and moves like. Now take it out of its usual environment, put it in a stadium playing racket sports with real people, and you have quite a challenge on your hands.

Mark Beardall, Gramercy Park Studios

To celebrate the work of the professionals and inspire a new generation of artists and filmmakers, we’ve partnered with HP to bring you a series of articles showcasing the extraordinary imagery being created for today’s films, broadcast TV and commercials.

We’ve had some of our own brilliant computer generated animals, but in this latest piece, HP looks at VFX in advertising, with a special focus on the work by Gramercy Park Studios, who created Betfair’s table tennis playing Octopus.

Read the full piece from HP to find out just exactly how the team put such a unique star at the centre of a packed stadium.

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