Privacy Policy

1. Genero is committed to protecting the privacy of Users (which in these Terms includes Filmmakers, Contributors, Performers, Sellers, Buyers & Clients), and will not use any information that it collects in the course of, or in relation to, Users of the Website otherwise than as disclosed herein or on the Website. Genero will use its best efforts to ensure that any Users personal information will not be disclosed to other institutions and authorities except where You permitted us to or if required by law or other regulation. Please read these Terms and the Genero Terms of Service carefully before using the Website or any of the Genero Services.

2. Users agree to any information they have entered and/or uploaded being stored in the Genero database.

3. Genero only processes personal information of its Users as described in these Terms and the following;

(1.a) providing Genero Services (as described in Genero’s Terms of Service), customised Content and advertising;

(1.b) verifying and identifying the age and personal details of Users (eg. for releases & clearances), and sharing that information with Buyer or Client when required;

(1.c) auditing, research and analysis to maintain, protect, improve or develop services;

(1.d) maintaining the technical functions of Genero Services; and

(1.e) protecting the rights or property of Genero or its affiliates or Users.

4. Some information You provide when registering for an Account may be made available to other Users of the Website, including Your User name, biography, URL, Content, comments, location, usage stats, etc. You should also be aware that some User information is immediately of a public nature (eg. comments, Videos, public User profile information, etc.), and therefore will never be private.

5. Genero may send one or more cookies (small file containing a string of characters) to a User's computer or other device that uniquely identifies a User's browser. Cookies are used to improve the quality of its service, including - storing User preferences, improving search results, displaying advertising, and tracking User trends and links followed.

6. Genero shall not be held responsible for any hacking attempt or unscrupulous acquisition of information by third parties that may lead to the data being compromised.

7. Genero may share User's name, email address and other personal information with another Genero User as part of providing Genero Services, eg. facilitating Video Project, Director Brief and Marketplace transactions.