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Graphics Masters: How Visual Effects have become the biggest star in the movies

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Ellie CK, Creative Community Manager

Perhaps the biggest transformation undergoing VFX production is its shift from a purely post-production role to the very centre of the movie-making process.

Celine Chaleat, HP

To celebrate the work of the professionals and inspire a new generation of artists and filmmakers, we’ve partnered with HP to bring you a series of articles showcasing the extraordinary imagery being created for today’s films, broadcast TV and commercials.

To kick things off, HP have a unique look at Hollywood’s reliance on VFX and the new technology and companies making it all happen.

Check out the full article to read about the industry developments in the VFX field, and have a closer look at the work that has gone into films like Elysium, Guardians of the Galaxy and Gravity.

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