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'Mad Max: Fury Road' without CGI is still completely insane

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Ellie CK, Creative Community Manager

There was a lot of incredible filmmaking to admire in Mad Max: Fury Road,and last year we had a closer look at some of the framing + editing that kept audiences in the middle of the action, but a new video that has surfaced shows some of the film’s footage in all its untouched, CGI-free glory.

Mad Max CGI video production

We’re all well aware of the quality (and quantity!) of special effects in Hollywood blockbusters these days, but it’s pretty clear from this video that George Miller‘s masterpiece was created from some seriously bad-ass rushes!

Watch the video here to see the full extent of the insane stunts, explosions and completely insane car/truck sequences.

What a production team.

Mad Max CGI video production

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