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Graphics Masters: Creating real time VFX with Virtual Production

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Ellie CK, Creative Community Manager

Virtual production is at the leading edge of innovation in the motion picture industry. It is a touchpoint between linear and interactive media.

David Morin, Autodesk

To celebrate the work of the professionals and inspire a new generation of artists and filmmakers, we’ve partnered with HP to bring you a series of articles showcasing the extraordinary imagery being created for today’s films, broadcast TV and commercials.

As technology advances to meet the needs of Hollywood blockbusters, the film industry has entered the age of virtual production. A combination of motion capture and real-time rendering, virtual production has been used on set for films like James Cameron’s Avatar, allowing the director to view and interact with the CG characters in real-time.

Read the full story for the most recent developments in virtual production tools, and find out how they are helping shape the visual effects industry.

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