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How to save cost and maximise ROI with a flexible, on-demand creative and production solution.

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CMO’s and marketing teams are facing a relentless uphill battle, caught in a trifecta of challenges. First – the on-going demand to produce more creative content, for more channels, with tightening marketing budgets. Then, the constant pursuit of greater effectiveness in an increasingly competitive marketplace. And finally, the perpetual quest to strike the perfect balance between which capabilities to bring in-house and which to outsource to ensure points one and two are achieved.

In this dynamic environment, where every decision counts and there’s huge pressure to deliver results, marketers are seeking innovative solutions to not only survive but thrive.

Engaging a flexible creative and production solution, like Genero, addresses these challenges head-on. Genero’s solution provides access to every creative capability on demand and streamlines the end-to-end production process through a purpose-built platform. This model means brands can continuously drive effectiveness amid market shifts, and easily adapt to ever-evolving consumer needs and demands.

Here’s how a model like this can save you 30-50% on your creative and production budgets, and at the same time, produce more effective work to drive greater ROI.

Save on budget

Reduce your headcount and overheads.

Although in-housing has its benefits, allowing for tighter creative control and a deeper knowledge of your brand among other things – with limited headcount, it’s hard to cover all the capabilities required.

By partnering with a flexible creative and production solution, brands can access a vast pool of professional creatives – from production companies to animators, AR specialists, TikTok experts, photographers and everything in between – without the associated financial overheads.

This means marketers can sidestep the costs associated with recruitment, salaries, equipment, redundancies etc., all while working with talented creative specialists.


A flexible model allows brands to easily scale their creative operations up or down to meet capacity demands as needed – with sourcing, collaboration and payments all handled through one platform.

This adaptability ensures that you never overspend or overcommit when it comes to hiring. It also provides the flexibility to reallocate spend based on business priorities, and in an environment of budgetary pressures and focus on margins – this is more valuable than ever.

Budget control.

Avoid having to ask for quotes or the uncertainty that can come from the head-hour-based model. With Genero, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to budget allocation. You set the budget for each project, allowing you to maintain strict control over expenditures. Genero’s platform connects you with skilled creatives who can work within your specified budget, ensuring that you receive quality work without breaking the bank.

Streamlined processes.

Technology plays a pivotal role in a flexible model like Genero, as it streamlines the end-to-end production process. By automating administrative tasks, Genero saves your team valuable time, which can be redirected toward more strategic initiatives.

But the right tools don’t just reduce admin, they create a synergy between the creative tech and creative humans – enabling smoother collaborations and stronger partnerships.

Faster turnaround times.

This streamlined process, coupled with an extensive network of creatives in every corner of the globe, leads to significantly faster turnaround times. Brands can rapidly generate fresh creative ideas, find creatives who are available when they need and work with experts who can deliver promptly.

This agility allows brands to respond to trends and market changes and ensures campaigns are timely and relevant.

Cost-effective locations.

Genero’s global reach can also enable brands to shoot in less expensive markets. By tapping into the platform’s network of professionals worldwide, you can find cost-effective production locations without compromising on quality.

Drive higher ROI

Tap into deep audience, cultural and market insights.

Genero’s model allows brands to connect with creatives who possess a deep understanding of your target audience and market. These professionals can provide invaluable cultural insights, ensuring your creative resonates with your audience on a deeper level.

Social-first specialists for effective content.

It’s more important than ever to create content that aligns with specific platforms and formats. Genero connects you with specialists who are obsessed with the platforms you’re looking to advertise on. They’re not only experts in best-practices, they understand the nuances between the different ad types, formats, trends and audiences across platforms, and can optimise your content for maximum effectiveness.

Fresh and diverse creative.

Diversity is a potent driver of creativity, and 75% of an ad’s effectiveness is determined by its creative (Advertising Research Federation). Not only can a diverse creative talent pool yield innovative solutions that may not be achievable with a limited in-house team, but by working with diverse creatives who understand your audience you gain an incredible opportunity to create content that stands out in a sea of sameness.

Experiment without commitments.

Experimentation often carries inherent risks, especially when investing in in-house talent or committing to long-term contracts with traditional agencies. A flexible model mitigates these risks by allowing marketers to try new creative approaches with a test-and-learn mindset. With the ability to experiment with different creatives and concepts, you can refine your strategies based on real-world results, ultimately improving consumer relevance and ROI.

Lean on the expertise of the Genero team.

A key element in Genero’s model is a global team of digital, social and production experts who are available to provide the support you need. We can fill any gaps in knowledge that in-house teams may have and ensure each brief is executed seamlessly, providing advice and support on budgets, briefs, creative approaches, creative selection, production, best practices and much more.

A flexible, on-demand creative and production solution like Genero empowers brands to save costs while maximising their ROI. By bypassing traditional overheads, accessing a diverse talent pool, and leveraging technology for efficiency, brands can not only streamline their creative processes but also create content that resonates with their audience and responds to market dynamics – maximising creativity, efficiency, and impact.


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