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Today’s marketers know that to win in an increasingly competitive landscape, creativity is the lifeblood that fuels growth and keeps brands relevant. In order to stay ahead of the curve and keep pace with changing trends and evolving consumer needs, marketing teams need access to a diverse range of creative capabilities that deliver across an increasing number of platforms.

Fortunately, there’s a growing pool of independent creative talent available for brands to work with. This trend towards independent and flexible creative work was accelerated by the Pandemic and is now a permanent shift. But without the use of technology to streamline the process, it’s slow, expensive and complex to find and collaborate with a larger number of creative partners.

The solution lies in harnessing the power of a flexible creative and production solution like Genero. Using a purpose-built production platform to source and collaborate with a global creative network, marketers can scale creative resources up and down as needed – all without the burden of adding headcount or overheads to their bottom line.

And from a creative standpoint, there are huge benefits in engaging a solution like this. Here are just a few.

1. Add every creative capability to your team

Even the most talented in-house teams have limitations when it comes to mastering every facet of the creative process or best practices for every platform or channel. And using agencies to deliver a lot of the work needed today can be extremely costly and time-consuming.

Augmenting in-house resources and agency partners via seamless integration with an on-demand creative network opens doors to specialists in video production, motion design, social-first content, photography, animation, design, and more.

This access amplifies in-house creative capabilities and allows marketers to work with creatives who are obsessed with the platforms they’re looking to advertise on, harnessing the latest trends and techniques and ensuring the production of content that is innovative, timely and resonates deeply with the consumers.

2. Gain diverse perspectives

Diversity is a potent driver of creativity, and creative remains the biggest profitability lever that marketers can influence (Warc, 2023). By tapping into a global creative network, marketers can infuse their campaigns with fresh, innovative perspectives and insights that deeply connect with and engage audiences – driving better results.

An example is Budweiser’s in-house agency draftLine, which was looking to source stories and produce unique films about inspirational people within emerging subcultures across the globe. Through Genero, they received pitches from creatives in over 35 different countries and commissioned films in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Japan, Cape Town and London.

Focusing on themes of renewability, music entrepreneurship, street fashion, and community empowerment – Budweiser would not have been able to source these diverse stories at anywhere near the cost or speed without harnessing a global creative network. You can check out more of the work here.

Broke Boys, South Africa

OCD Cleaners, USA

Another great example of the power of diversity in a creative network is this campaign for Absolut in celebration of Pride Month. ‘Proud to Mix’ highlights 40 years of partnership between Absolut and the LGBTQIAPN+ community with a four-episode web series hosted by world-famous drag queen and singer, Pabllo Vittar. The majority of the contributing team – including the production team commissioned through Genero, was made up of members of the LGBTQIAPN+ community, ensuring the campaign was on point when it came to reaching this audience.


3. Source creatives in global markets

The world becomes a marketer’s creative playground when you embrace a global creative network and tap into talent from across the globe. This is especially valuable when expanding into new markets or aiming to establish a presence in regions with different languages, cultures, and consumer preferences.

Whether marketers are looking to tell global stories, create localised content, target a specific demographic, or adapt their marketing materials for international audiences, the global reach of a creative network like Genero ensures you can find creatives who understand the nuances of the market you’re entering. This not only saves time but also ensures that campaigns are culturally sensitive and optimised to resonate with varied consumer preferences, due to the network’s extensive reach and adaptability.

BBC StoryWorks for example, need to generate high volumes of documentary-style content all over the world, which meets the rigorous editorial quality of the BBC. Through Genero, they’re able to source high-quality documentary makers across a diverse number of territories, with over 450 mini-documentaries produced in over 50 countries to date. Check out more of the content here.

“The Genero platform connects us with talented filmmakers all over the world, allowing us to produce quality content and tell powerful stories with the speed and agility we require. It's a game-changing solution for publishers and other content creators alike”.

Nickie Omer, Creative Director - Programme Partnerships at BBC StoryWorks

Costa Rica


4. Add flexible scale to your in-house capabilities

In today’s dynamic economic and marketing environment, the ability to scale creative resources up and down as needed is crucial. Flexible models like Genero allow marketers to easily ramp up creative output during peak seasons or special campaigns and just as easily scale back during quieter periods or to help with cost-cutting measures – all without the overheads of hiring, training, and managing additional in-house staff – not to mention, making redundancies.

This flexible scalability enables marketers to adapt their creative strategies rapidly, responding efficiently to market shifts and business priorities – changes that are harder to make when the marketing services structure relies heavily on fixed teams and contracts. This model supports rapid new market entry, changing marketing channels, targeting new audiences or adding any specialist creative capabilities required, with unparalleled speed.

Not to mention – the process of briefing, reviewing submissions, commissioning, and producing content – including handling payments, legals and other admin tasks – is handled through the Genero platform. So you only need to set up one supplier, to access a whole world of creativity.

A global creative network can revolutionise the way brands approach creativity and production. This solution empowers marketers to access specialist creative capabilities, gain diverse perspectives, explore global markets, and scale creative resources with ease. It can help to steer brands through continuous market shifts and create content that not only captures attention but also inspires and resonates profoundly with audiences.

If you’re interested in exploring how this approach could work for your brand, simply get in touch with our global team.

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