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Brand purpose & cultural content.

Genero’s network of 130k creatives is tapped into culture across every country, demographic and niche, giving brands direct access to the local trends and authentic, global storytelling capabilities.

Source real stories.

Uncovering real stories that communicate your brand purpose can be challenging and time consuming. With Genero, you can access a vast network of creative talent who can quickly and easily source real, authentic stories from any corner of the globe.

Access diverse creatives.

Since our inception, we’ve been focused on building a diverse creative community, across age, race, skin colour, orientation, gender and physical or mental ability. Accessing a wider range of creative voices provides the authentic, effective, relevant and culturally-tapped work that today’s consumer expects.

Producing authentic content.

Whether it’s long form video, photography, written content or any other format, working directly with creatives connected to local culture produces more authentic content that resonates with and engages audiences.

Beyond beauty with real stories of inspiring women.

Global beauty brand, Lux, were looking for a fresh, creative way to bring their brand purpose to life. The brand believes that women should not have to choose between looking beautiful and being taken seriously, and follow the purpose: Dare to express your beauty and beyond unapologetically.

“Genero’s solution revolutionised the way we approach content creation. Their solution is an exciting intersection between creativity and authenticity. Most importantly, it showed us the power of a strong curated community, empowered with the right mission.”

Lucius Young, Global Digital & PR Manager at Lux

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Animated GIPHY stickers focusing on diversity and equality.

Facebook partnered with Genero to produce a special collection of animated stickers for its GIPHY platform, for small business owners in Latin America who have been using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp as important sales channels during the pandemic.

Facebook also wanted the stickers to honour underrepresented groups: Black, PoC, LGBTQI+, disabled people, women and moms who are entrepreneurs.


views for 'Muito amor envolvido'


views for 'Estamos Juntes'

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