Our solution

A global production solution generating documentary style brand films at scale.

Client: BBC StoryWorks

The challenge

The BBC is continually looking for ways to provide value for their audiences outside of the UK. As part of this endeavour, they launched BBC StoryWorks which makes award-winning branded digital series for BBC.com’s global audiences. 

Combining the BBC storytelling heritage with industry expertise, they aim to look deeper into the issues shaping society through the creation of short documentary-style brand films for organisations leading change.

The StoryWorks team needed a solution for generating high volumes of documentary style content all over the world, which meets the rigorous editorial quality of the BBC and fulfils their client’s needs.

The approach

We’re proud to provide the BBC StoryWorks team with an agile solution for sourcing high quality documentary makers across a diverse number of territories.

mini-documentaries created to date
creative teams commissioned

We’ve worked with the team to develop a creative framework so that all productions feel consistent, with a shared creative vision. The platform tools provide a robust pre-production process and strong reviewing capabilities, allowing the StoryWorks team to manage multiple productions simultaneously and remotely.

This approach delivers high quality content with a fast turnaround and within the budget provided, sometimes moving from brief to delivery in just three weeks.

“As a fast paced, global team, we need to produce large volumes of content that meets the high quality standards of the BBC. The Genero platform connects us with talented filmmakers all over the world, allowing us to produce quality content and tell powerful stories with the speed and agility we require. It's a game-changing solution for publishers and other content creators alike”

Nickie Omer, Creative Director - Programme Partnerships, BBC StoryWorks

The work

Below is an example of one series we worked on, shooting mini-documentaries in nine different markets about how higher education institutions are instrumental to the development of sustainable and democratic societies.

Case study - Higher education series

Barbados | The Big Sky

Chile | Contra

Budapest & Vienna | Brother Bear

Kenya | Scholars & Gentlemen

Costa Rica | Elastiko Films

South Africa | Scholars & Gentlemen

Mexico | Coordenada Films

Israel | Damien Dufresne

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