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Video ads for YouTube made easy with Genero.

As a global YouTube creative partner, Genero is primed to help brands produce original, best-practice YouTube ads at scale, with complete efficiency.

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We know our ABCD’s.

YouTube’s Best Practice creative framework follows their ABCD structure - Attention, Branding, Connection and Direction. This framework offers global, data-backed creative guidance that Genero and our creative network are well-versed in.

Regardless of your marketing objective, we help Google build effective video ads by applying these top four ABCD principles.

A variety of creative approaches with flexible content packages.

Live action

Original content featuring real people in real locations, handled from scripting to post-production.

Example: Moroccan Oil


2D or 3D animation, including conceptualising, storyboarding, style framing and the final animations.

Example: F5


Optimization of existing owned or stock assets, adapted for YouTube ad formats through motion design, animation or editing.

Example: Iron Man

A scaled program delivering original video ads for YouTube advertisers.

One of the biggest barriers for attracting new advertisers to YouTube is their ability to efficiently produce quality, original, live action video ads. Google needed a partner to provide a creative and production solution, with the scale to produce hundreds of original YouTube ads with quick turnarounds, for brands all across the US.

“Partnering with Genero has allowed us to empower businesses at a whole new level of scale. And while we as an Ads Monetization team are responsible for growing SMBs on YouTube, it's equally important that we nurture a diversity of producers who make up the great Ad content we see everyday. Genero is a scaled way for us to reach them.”

Maxwell Hawes, Creative Product Marketing Lead at YouTube

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Creating a whimsical Burt's Bees world for an innovative digital campaign/Creating a whimsical Burt's Bees world for an innovative digital campaign.

Despite the popularity of Burt’s Bees products, awareness of their sustainably made toothpaste was low. They needed a digital campaign that would balance the products’ benefits and communicate to consumers that their toothpaste is both ‘good for your smile’ and ‘good for the world’.

The creative idea and content sourced through Genero delivered exceptional results for lifts in recall and awareness, with the creative highlighting Burt’s Bees brand proposition and the key product benefits.


absolute lift in recall (1360% above US industry average)


absolute lift for brand awareness (52% above US industry average)

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Hyper-contextal YouTube bumpers for Kleenex.

Kleenex needed a compelling 6-second bumper campaign for YouTube to reignite relevance and drive salience for the brand. The content had to feature the Kleenex Tissue Box and feature a variety of contextually relevant occasions.

After sourcing a creative studio through Genero, a final suite of 3D animated assets were produced with refreshing visual and sound design tailored for a range of themes including beauty, weddings and more. The fun and quirky assets far exceeded Kimberly-Clark Australia’s average completion rate at almost 90%.

Ian Hristoforidis, Ecommerce & Digital Specialist, Kimberly-Clark ANZ

“The Kimberly-Clark team were very impressed with how quickly and easily we were able to produce so many high-quality assets on a relatively tight budget. The process from start to finish far exceeded expectations.”

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