Our solution

A scaled program delivering original, live-action video ads for YouTube advertisers.

Client: YouTube

The challenge

The Google Video Creative Program aims to demonstrate the value of the YouTube ad format by helping brands create best-practice, YouTube-first videos with ease.

One of the biggest barriers for attracting new advertisers to the platform is their ability to efficiently produce quality, original, live action video ads. Google needed a partner to provide a creative and production solution, with the scale to produce hundreds of original YouTube ads with quick turnarounds, for brands all across the US.

The approach

Genero provides Google and its advertisers with access to a pool of global professional creative and production partners, delivering creative ideas and best practice YouTube video ads. All creatives in the program have been specifically trained for this ongoing program in ‘Google’s ABCDs of effective creative’ for YouTube.

Supported by Genero’s team of digital and YouTube experts, the program is delivered through Genero’s platform, with a custom workflow designed to enable efficient collaboration across the end-to-end process, from a creative brief through to asset delivery. Each advertiser receives multiple video assets and variations to enable media targeting, testing and optimisation.

The results

final assets delivered
produced by diverse creative teams including females, LGBTQI+ and POC

"Partnering with Genero has allowed us to empower businesses at a whole new level of scale. And while we as an Ads Monetization team are responsible for growing SMBs on YouTube, it's equally important that we nurture a diversity of producers who make up the great Ad content we see everyday. Genero is a scaled way for us to reach them."

Maxwell Hawes, Creative Product Marketing Lead at YouTube

The work



Flint & Tinder Pants

Ancient Nutrition

Newton Baby


Pact Coffee


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