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Guides & Inspiration • Written by Catherine Graves - Marketing Director, Genero

Short-form, mobile-first video is nothing new. This bite-sized, highly entertaining format took off in the early 2010s with the rise of Vine (remember Vine?) – the six-second video app – and Snapchat, which introduced an entirely new video vocabulary to its young users and the world, and turned the format vertical.

When TikTok burst onto the scene in 2016 and experienced explosive growth – reaching a billion monthly users in just five years – it sparked a revolution in creator-led content, establishing the dominance of short-form videos and forever changing the way people consume, share, and create entertaining content.

Since then, the consumption of short-form vertical videos has skyrocketed with the subsequent introduction of Reels from Meta and Shorts from YouTube, and there are no signs of this trend
slowing down.

If you’re not convinced, here are a few stats for you:

66% of consumers found short-form video to be the most engaging type of social media content in 2022.

The Sprout Social Index™

During Q2 2022, viewership of videos under one minute saw a staggering 135% increase compared to 2021.

Tubular, H2 2022 Social Video Trends

Audiences spend 1.5 hours a day on average with short-form video content on TikTok.

Vamp, The everything guide to TikTok for marketers.

Short-form videos accounted for 57% of all YouTube video views in Q2 2022 vs. just 21% in 
Q2 2021.

Tubular, H2 2022 Social Video Trends.

This format has now become mandatory for brands seeking to connect and engage with their audiences in the places where they spend their time.

Yet many marketers are struggling to navigate this creator-led world, where the rules of engagement are changing almost daily, and repurposing traditional video ads doesn’t cut it. Audiences expect personalised, curated, and 
entertaining content tailored to their specific interests and needs. For content to perform well, it must feel native to the platform.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide to help marketers master the art of producing authentic, creative short-form video. Learn the techniques to craft content that feels native and performs on TikTok, Instagram & Facebook Reels and YouTube Shorts.

You’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of short-form video
  • How to speak the language of this creator-led format
  • Frameworks, case studies and checklists to inspire
  • Tips on developing a creator or influencer strategy
  • Free actionable resources to help kickstart your next campaign

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