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How to shoot vertical content like a pro

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Alex Badham, Videographer

As more audiences and clients flock to Instagram Stories, and other social platforms start to embrace the 9:16 ratio, we’re seeing more briefs for original vertical content coming through on Genero. 

To get the best result you should think about your approach to vertical from the get go, which will give you more room to be original and creative. When it comes to the production – and to make sure you don’t run into any nasty surprises in the edit suite – these tips will help you navigate the nuances of shooting content for vertical. 

1. Mark your camera’s display or monitor with 9×16 guides when shooting, so you can clearly see what’s in frame.

2. Be sure to make use of the vertical space in your framing. Full-body wide shots tend to translate well.

3. Some shots will work really well in horizontal frames, but not in vertical. On these occasions, make sure to shoot a 2nd version for vertical. This is usually just a wider angle. The most common examples being closeups, details and shots with multiple subjects. When in doubt, take a step back and capture the shot a little wider than usual.

4. Camera movement is exaggerated in vertical formats, and should be subtle and natural. Avoid shaky hand held, quick pans or big movements.

5. If capturing two or more subjects, avoid spreading them out horizontally.

6. Close ups of faces don’t usually translate well to vertical frames.

7. Don’t worry about centering your subject all the time, as long as the shots can be shifted horizontally to accommodate.

8. Make sure any signage you capture will fit into the vertical frame.

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