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Getting started as a creator & making the most of Genero

Genero tips • Written by Ellie Cameron-Krepp, Community Manager

Genero is an easy way to access briefs and collaborate with global brands and musicians, and if you’re reading this, congrats on making the first move. Once you’re on the platform it’s all smooth sailing, but we’ve included a few tips below to help you make the most of the platform.

Before you start pitching

  1. Make yourself look good: Verify your account and add your latest work (including tagging your role and skills!) along with a bio and images to help your profile to stand out to clients. Using Work Library makes it easier for clients to check out your work, and – more importantly – makes your profile discoverable by the Genero team for private briefs and other opportunities.
  2. Get connected: Join us on Instagram to hear about new briefs and get tips and inspiration from the Genero community.
  3. Keep up to date on trends: Make sure you’re across all the best practices for creating content, by checking out our best practices, guidelines and inspiration via Genero Insights.
Genero creator production tips
Genero creator production tips

When you’re ready to pitch

  1. Find your perfect match: We have briefs for all kinds of locations, clients, budgets and creators. Be realistic about what opportunities are right for you and your experience, as clients will always look for a great idea and the most relevant experience to pull it off.
  2. Budget basics: The creator payment listed on a Genero brief is the full amount you’ll be paid to complete the job (minus any minor Payoneer fees) and should be inclusive of all production costs unless noted otherwise.  As the budget is set, there is no need to include budget or cost breakdowns in your pitch unless specifically requested – and pitches should not under or over quote.
  3. Register your interest: Found a brief you want to pitch on? Register your interest to we can notify you easily about any updates or changes to the brief. Just click the ‘Register interest’ button at the top of the brief.
  4. Don’t miss the details: Clients are looking for treatments that clearly show you understand the brand and what they’re looking for. Read the brief carefully to tailor your response: Don’t be generic, get specific and make sure your pitch meets all the brief requirements.
  5. Ask questions: Use the Brief Q&A to ask any and all questions, and the client or someone from Genero will get back to you.
  6. Be creative: This is a big one! Creativity in your pitch is key. Clients are looking for awesome work and exciting ideas, so be original and put your big ideas out there! Find more treatment tips here.
  7. Get your team onboard: Use the ‘Team’ functionality to invite the key people to join your treatment. This’ll impress the client and allow the rest of your team to keep tabs on the project!
  8. Don’t. Miss. The. Deadline. Genero briefs on the platform are now listed in your local timezone (we used to list all briefs in GMT!) but you should always double check the date, and leave yourself plenty of time to get your pitch submitted and allow for any last minute issues.

Once you’ve submitted a treatment

  1. Get ready for payment: To save time if you’re commissioned, get ready to be paid by setting up a Payoneer account in the currency of the brief payment. Setting up your first Payoneer account can take some time (just like a bank account!) but after it’s approved it’s quick to add other currencies. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully, as you’ll need to supply specific details and documentation to get set up and ready to go. Find out more about how Payments work on Genero here.
  2. Be patient: Every brief includes a commission date, but some clients take longer than expected to make a selection. We’ll be in touch as soon as we know the outcome of your pitch! If you haven’t heard from us, we’re waiting to hear from the client.
  3. Keep an eye out for messages: The Genero and client teams may ask you questions about your pitch via the platform during the shortlisting process. Watch for any updates via your email and Genero inbox!
Genero creator profile tips BTS
Genero creator profile tips BTS

When you’re in production

  1. Got commissioned? It’s time to get started! While you might want to jump on a call or meet the client in person, make sure you keep all (or key) communication on the platform. That way we can help make sure everything goes smoothly and keep you protected by our terms.
  2. Need some upfront funds? Clients can set up progress payments on the platform, and can choose to release funds to you after a pre-production meeting or at their discretion, so send them a note outlining why you need upfront payment. Genero is only able to release funds after the client has paid us though!
  3. Release forms: For any Genero briefs you must use our release forms, which automatically pull in all the right usage requirements and details. These are digital and super easy to sign and share with talent or third parties. Access them on any device or send them via email.
  4. Take us behind the scenes: We love being able to show off you and your work, particularly with video and imagery of our creators on set, in production or hard at work making amazing content. Get in touch with any behind the scenes content so we can show everyone how great you are.
  5. Upload your assets: Once you’re in post-production, upload assets directly to the platform so the client can review your work using platform tools like time-stamped feedback.
  6. Finalise the files: Done and dusted? Make sure you send the client the final assets by uploading them to the Final Deliverables section of the brief.

Need help or have any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Happy pitching!

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