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Update your profile with new work to get discovered for private briefs.

Genero tips • Written by Ellie Cameron-Krepp, Senior Community Manager

Ready to refresh your portfolio and get discovered for opportunities on Genero? We’ve made some new updates to Work Library to make it easier for us to connect you with the right clients and briefs.

Work Library allows you to tag your work to highlight your skill-set and experience, giving clients more insight into the type of work that you do. This makes it easier for clients to review your work, and – more importantly – makes your profile and work more discoverable by the Genero team for direct commissions and other opportunities.

We’ve just rolled out a collection of brand new work tags across Role, Content Type, Industry and Channel – and we would love to see your work in these areas! If these tags are relevant to your experience, you can update your Work Library by editing your existing work or adding new examples using the latest tags.

How do I get discovered for work opportunities?

Keeping your profile up to date with your latest and best work will help the Genero team and clients discover your work for relevant opportunities, including private briefs and direct commissions.

Here’s a couple of tips to help your profile stand out:

  • Make sure your best work is set to visible, not hidden, in your Work Library.
  • Think of your Genero profile as an up-to-date portfolio! We want to see your best and most recent work, and not just showreels.
  • Only use tags that are clearly relevant to the specific example of work that you’re sharing.
  • If you’re sharing video examples, the platform will automatically embed certain video links. YouTube and Vimeo work best for this.
  • Thumbnail not working? Make sure the link has an open graph image (og:image) which is the image that gets pulled in as the thumbnail.

What are the next steps?

If you already have work on your Genero profile, now is a great time to refresh your work examples or add any of the new, relevant tags.

Are you new to the platform or haven’t added any work yet? Head to your Work Library to add work to your profile!

If you need help or have any questions, reach out to our team at support@genero.com.

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