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Find local production protocols for countries around the world during COVID-19

Filmmaking techniques • Written by Archie Morley

If you’re undertaking any work during the pandemic, you’ll need keep your productions safe and legal. Find local rules and regulations for film production during COVID-19 with our list of resources from countries around the world. 

For an overview of the best practices for production during COVID-19, you can check out our global guidelines here, but if you’re undertaking any briefs via Genero (or elsewhere!) it’s important that your project meets local laws and requirements for any regions you’re creating content in.

Whether you’re filming in your area or planning for production in other countries, we’ve sourced links from government organisations and film bodies to help you stay safe with localised information.

Disclaimer: Please note, the links published in this article are a suggested guide only, and should not be relied upon as an official source.  It is crucial that you confirm the legitimacy of any sources, and  regularly check for updated government or authority advice in the country or region you plan to undertake your work in.

  • Australia – Screen Australia 
  • Austria  – Vienna Film Commission
  • Belgium – Mediarte
  • Brazil – Sindicato da Industria Audiovisual
  • Bulgaria – Bulgarian Film Guide
  • Canada – Canadian Media Producers Association
  • Colombia (PDF) – Location Colombia
  • Costa Rica – Ministry of Culture and Youth
  • Croatia – Croatian Audiovisual Centre
  • Denmark – The Producers Association Denmark
  • Ecuador – Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Creation
  • Finland – Audiovisual Producers Finland
  • France – Centre National du Cinéma et de L’image Animée
  • Germany – Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse (based on government guidelines provided here)
  • Greece – Hellenic Film Commission
  • Hong Kong (General Workplace) – Centre for Health Protection
  • Hungary – National Film Institute Hungary
  • Iceland – Icelandic Film Commission
  • India – Producers Guild of India
  • Ireland – Screen Producers Ireland
  • Italy – Associozione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audivisive e Multimediali
  • Japan – Japan Film Commision
  • Jordan – The Royal Film Commission Jordan
  • Latvia – Ministry of Culture Latvia
  • Lithuania – Lithuanian Association of Advertising Producers/Association of Independent Producers
  • Malaysia – National Film Development Corporation Malaysia
  • Mexico – Industria Audiovisual México
  • Morocco – Centre Cinématographique Marocain
  • Netherlands – Nederlandse Audiovisuele Producenten Alliantie 
  • New Zealand – Screen Safe
  • Norway – Virke
  • Peru – Asociacion de Productoras de Cine Publicitario de Peru
  • Philippines – Film Development Council of the Philippines
  • Poland – Film Commission Poland 
  • Portugal – Portugal Film Commission 
  • Romania – Ministry of Culture
  • Serbia – Serbia Film Commission 
  • Singapore – Singapore Association of Motion Picture Professionals
  • Slovakia – Slovak Film Commission
  • South Africa – Film Cape Town
  • Spain – Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte
  • Sweden – Sweden Film & TV Producers Association
  • Thailand – Ministry of Culture
  • Turkey – Reklam Yapimcilari Dernegi Turkiye
  • UAE – (Dubai) Dubai Film Commission, (Abu Dhabi) Abu Dhabi Film Commission 
  • United Kingdom – Advertising Producers Association
  • Ukraine – Commercial Production Association of Ukraine 
  • United States – (Industry-Wide), (Los Angeles County), (Georgia), (Florida),(Iowa), (Kansas City), (Montana), (Nevada), (Oklahoma), (Oregon), (Texas),(Virginia)
  • Uruguay – Uruguay Audiovisual

Additional Sources

  • AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International)
  • Europe (Europe Film Commissions Network)
  • IFTA (Individual Film & Television Alliance)

We endeavour to keep this list updated as often as possible. If you would like to submit guidelines, request a region or have any other questions, please email us at covid@genero.com.

Last updated: August 28

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