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International Women's Day 2016: Ten top directors you should get to know

Diversity 08 March, 2016

Ready to meet some of talent behind the videos? We feel incredibly lucky every day to have such a great community of incredible directors from all over the world, so it’s time to recognise a few of them!

To help celebrate International Women’s Day, here are some of the top filmmakers on Genero that have been impressing us and making waves in the industry. Click through on each image to follow the director, and see more of their work!

Anny Duff

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Anny Duff

“I love a guerrilla crew where everyone’s on the same page and doesn’t mind plugging in a battery or two.”

Not just a filmmaker, but a production designer and stylist, Anny Duff is one half of the team that shot this beautiful travel ad for Tourism New Zealand.

Lauren Rothery

Lauren Rothery Genero

“I love shooting on film, I think it’s the best. Super 8 feels genuine, maybe in part because it holds connotations of home movie photography. There is an emotional attachment to the image.”

Lauren Rothery directed the stunning ‘Running To The Sea’ music video for Royksopp. Read our chat with her to find out more about working on the video.

Ellenor Agyropoulos

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Ellenor Agyropoulos

“Ideas don’t always come naturally, you have to work at them every day and allow yourself to get bored in order for them to flourish.”

A young Australian director who did some brilliant work with us for Qantas, Ellenor makes filmmaking look easy.

Stéphanie Artaud

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Stéphanie Artaud

French dirctor Stéphanie Artaud has blown us away with the work she has done over the last few weeks. Recently commissioned by HP, her short film for their ‘Keep Reinventing’ campaign will be launching very soon. Watch this space!

Magda Targosz

IWD BTS top directors Genero

Hailing from Poland, Magda is signed to Bryk&More, where she directs music videos and commercials, including the beautiful series for Christ Jewellers, which she recently wrapped up filming.

Renata Miranda

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Renata Miranda

“What was actually really amazing, was to find ourselves putting together this thing we really believed in, yet adding our style, our way of showing stories.”

We were blown away by Renata’s first music video on Genero which you can watch here.

Jem Garrard

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Jem Garrard

Jem Garrard has created some of the most fascinating videos we’ve seen, and had countless achievements in her time on Genero, including directing official selections for both Ringo Starr and Linkin Park. Perhaps one of the best though, was her interactive music video for Ellie Goulding.

Iona Fulton

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Iona Fulton

A travelling young filmmaker who can most often be found at the top of a mountain, Iona Fulton was the director behind one of Toursm New Zealand’s ‘Play More Every Day’ videos. You can watch it here.

Mia Mullarkey

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Mia Mullarkey

Irish filmmaker Mia Mullarkey made a strong first impression, taking us to a small island for our Storytellers project. Since first captivating us in the documentary form, she’s since worked on music videos for both Royksopp and Other Lives, usually collaborating with her filmmaker partner Jasmina Jasinska.

Allie Avital

International Women's Day top genero filmmakers Allie Avital

An award-winning music video director from Queens, NY, Allie Avital is the talented filmmaker behind Autre Ne Veut’s videos. Although she’s signed to Partizan these days, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing Allie since the captivating music video she created for School of Seven Bells back in early 2012!

We’re incredibly proud of all the talented women in the Genero community. Happy International Women’s Day!