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Watch: Starwalker premiere official music video for ‘Holidays’

Music 01 March, 2016

After premiering on Billboard today, we’re thrilled to finally share the official music video for ‘Holidays’ by Starwalker, the collaboration between Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Barði Jóhannsson. Created by French filmmaker/animator Olivier Candito, the incredible clip stood out to the band, who selected it from an impressive collection of videos by Genero filmmakers.

Starwalker Holidays music video Genero

“The video shows a robot on holidays on earth & the fact that this robot has no face increases the body emotion in the animation. Olivier played with that & it moved me. The colours & the unique robot melancholy style make this video unusual & new.”

JB Dunckel

“When we thought about what the video for ‘Holidays’ could be, we wanted something a bit unusual. We were hoping to get something sweet but still with a strong image & a little bit of humour. Olivier seems to have captured all of that.”

Barði Jóhannsson

Here’s what Oliver had to say about creating the unique animation:

“Making the music video for Starwalker’s song was an opportunity to think about what holidays are in our often over-busy lives, running out of time, and the idea was that on holidays, the real luxury is time. Time to think, to imagine, to really see little things you forgot to see, finally time to no longer think about chasing time…

The character of the neon traveller, spending his holidays on this Atlantic beach, with his relation to days and hours passing by without affecting him, was to express that you should enjoy the opportunity to let time flow through your fingers, until days can really last as long as you wish. Of course, all holidays end one day, even for him.”

Starwalker Holidays music video Genero BTS sketches
Starwalker Holidays music video Genero BTS sketches
Starwalker Holidays music video Genero BTS sketches