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Matt Simons premieres personal new music video for 'Better Tomorrow'

Genero news 27 August, 2020

PIAS Recordings and Matt Simons collaborated on Genero with LA based MALK Creative to create a boldly choreographed official music video for new single ‘Better Tomorrow’.

Today Matt Simons has premiered ‘Better Tomorrow’, an upbeat and infectiously catchy new track that intertwines personal experiences  of anxiety with the glimmer of reassurance and hope.

Says Matt: “Around the age of 18, I had my first panic attack and went to the emergency room because I thought I was going to die. It’s an extremely lonely and helpless feeling when our brains turn on us and create the feeling of imminent danger when there really isn’t any there. I hope the song can bring some comfort to those who also struggle with anxiety and mental health, especially during these unprecedented times”.

Genero team MALK Creative were commissioned to bring the song to life, with a captivating music video directed by VMA nominated Mercedes Bryce Morgan. Matt is joined in the video by two talented choreographed dancers, leading to a wildly visual and trippy exploration of identity, inner demons and the voices in your head.

Filmed during COVID-19, the video was shot on location in the Hollywood Hills, with strict production protocols in place to keep the full cast and crew safe on set!

Watch the full video above and on Youtube.


Director: Mercedes Bryce Morgan
Producer: Luke Pastor, MALK Creative
Producer: Mark Roemer
Cast: Will Simmons, Marie Poppins
Cinematographer: Oren Soffer
Editor: Anjoum Agrama
UPM: Maggie Phillips
Production Designer: Ava Villafane
1st AD: Mike Roque
Prod. Coordinator: Jordan Churchwell
Covid Compliance Officer: Bryan Phillip Cruz
Choreographer: Will Simmons
Body Double: Evan Moody
1st AC: Carolina Rodriquez
2nd AC: Tamara Santos
Angler Bot Tech: Kilo Morgan
Gaffer: Thomas Sigurdsson
Key Grip: Cale Nichols
Leadman: Ben Caiazza
Art Assist: Logan Rauhut
Art Assist: Danielle Ramos
Visual Effects: Alex Familian
Color Correction: Andrew Finch
Wardrobe Assist: Mona Johnson