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Genero named Global TikTok Creative Partner.

Genero news 19 October, 2020

This new partnership will provide a streamlined approach for brands looking to advertise on TikTok.

Singapore, 19 October 2020: Genero has been named an official TikTok Creative Marketing Partner, as part of a new partnership program developed by the short-form mobile video platform. The new program enables marketers to easily collaborate with vetted experts who can create, implement and measure ad campaigns that inspire the TikTok community. 

As an official Creative Partner, Genero will help brands of all sizes produce highly engaging creatives to capture the attention of TikTok’s global audience. It’s exciting news for brands looking to raise their profile on TikTok and easily create targeted assets specifically for this unique environment – at scale.  

Whether marketers need an original, mobile-optimised campaign, or to simply optimise existing assets for the vertical format, the Genero platform will connect them with experienced production companies, editors, animators, motion designers and other creators all over the world to produce their TikTok assets. 

To ensure the end-to-end production workflow is seamless from start to finish, Genero has also developed an API integration that enables clients to transfer their approved creative directly to TikTok’s Ads Manager from the Genero platform. This means they’ll be able to generate creative ideas for their campaign, manage the asset production including feedback, communication and payments and ultimately then deploy their ads to TikTok all within the one workflow.

"We're glad to appoint Genero as a new Creative Partner as they understand that while consumer behaviours are shifting, creativity is the key to success on TikTok. By integrating with our platform, Creative Partners like Genero are able to efficiently generate TikTok videos at scale and effectively implement the platform's best practices. Creative Partners leverage their technical integration with the platform to send assets and pull reporting insights directly to and from TikTok ad accounts.”

Adrian Man, Director, Monetization Partnerships, TikTok

"We’re so excited to be chosen as one of a select group of Creative Partners and feel we're uniquely positioned to help brands succeed on TikTok. We've got a huge network of creators in every corner of the globe who understand the TikTok platform, audience and creative best practice, and that expertise will only continue to grow as we work closely with the TikTok team as an official partner.” 

Mick Entwisle, CEO & Co-founder of Genero

With significant experience in the short-form video space, this new partnership is an exciting addition to Genero’s growing list of creative partnerships. The company has existing partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Hulu already in place, providing a new way to create for modern marketers looking to scale their creative production.

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