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Do You? Secret Friend music video animation
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The psychedelic hand drawn music video for ‘Do You?’ by Secret Friend

Music 20 January, 2016

We have some hardworking filmmakers on Genero, but perhaps none as meticulous as Micah Buzan. An American animator who has hand drawn psychedelic masterpieces for artists like The Flaming Lips, Micah’s latest work is this brilliant music video for ‘Do You?’ by Secret Friend, below.

We got in touch with Micah to chat about the project, and here’s what he had to say about the idea behind the music video:

“The song is pretty abstract and sound effects heavy. There’s a lot of nature in the song, so Secret Friend wanted me to depict that visually in some way. I spent two months working 10+ hours a day to complete this animation.

The animation combines traditional and digital techniques. Unbound by the laws of physics, psychedelic imagery flows towards the screen. Scenes abruptly morph into new scenes, kind of like in a dream. Also like in a dream, the story is open for interpretation and the meaning is as meaningful as the dreamer decides it to be.

The the theme of the animation is Metamorphosis. Everything that exists in nature is in a state of growth and decay. Cells die as new cells are born. Tadpoles turn into frogs. Babies turn into adults and then adults turn into really old people who are basically like babies again. Nothing is permanent. I wanted to make an animation that takes people back to the time when the baby brain was constantly trying to decode novel experiences.”

You can watch a full behind the scenes video here.

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