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Genero Sony Experia Z5 4k moments Paris
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Smartphone Cities: The colourful videos capturing life in Europe for Sony

Work 02 February, 2016

We were thrilled when Sony Mobile commissioned five of our talented directors for a unique video brief set throughout Europe. Shooting on the Xperia Z5 smartphone, each director captured ‘fleeting moments’ of their own city in 4K, and you can now watch four of the full films below! A big congratulations to each of our directors.


“The subject of my film is the city of Berlin – a living collage of cultures, people, diversity and experiences that seem strangely familiar yet refreshingly new. I wanted to isolate and share those elements that make Berlin uniquely Berlin and play on the commonly heard phrase: ‘that’s so Berlin.”

Oliver Valente


“Barcelona is such an energetic and vibrant city and there’s always something going on, so I wanted to portray the fast paced characteristics of what I believe is the most impressive place in the world.”

Lucas Jatoba


“My film tells the story of romance in Milan. I hoped to portray the visual journey of a couple, through the hallmarks of one of the most vibrant Italian cities.”

Giacomo Arrigoni


“My idea was to focus on lesser known areas of Paris, where real Parisians live and the neighbourhoods are bursting with life, creativity and diversity.”

Eric Beaupre