Lady Antebellum - Heart Break
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We see beautiful imagery from Downtown LA as we come upon an empty bench in the Downtown La area. A girl sits on the bench as we reveal that she has recently injured her knee. She is looking at the Skyscrapers LA has to offer. We see her boyfriend sit down next to her. He was walking up with something from behind him. We see the young man trying to help her in this time. POV shot of a few polaroid’s in her hands. We see the girl looking at Polaroid's of her with a medal around her neck. She was a talented dancer that has recently been injured. We see the man look over and notice her looking distraught. He pulls out a notebook to surprise her. She is Ecstatic with the gift. He turns to give her a kiss and she is shrugs it off. She progressively shrugs off his attempts throughout the video. She pulls out her new notebook and begins to sketch the scenery of Downtown LA after pointing her boyfriend to stand near a railing. The boyfriend looks on and smiles as he finally sees a glimpse of happiness inside of her. She begins to sketch the skyscrapers in Downtown LA. The couple drive around Downtown LA inside of the Jeep convertible. They pass through the 1st street bridge. The boyfriend goes to carry her and she stops him. She will do this on her own. The two drive along The downtown LA arts district as we pass by beautiful art on the wall. She is inspired by some of the artwork and takes some notes in her notebook. The boyfriend finds a balloon stand and purchases about 10. We see the balloon man wave goodbye. He runs to surprise his girlfriend awaiting him at the corner and she is extremely excited with the gift. She pushes him away as he let’s go of the balloons. She begins sketching the balloons flying away in her notebook.
The girl begins to sketch the city by the LA River underpass. They have come along some train tracks and begin to sketch the scenery. The boyfriend tries to impress her with a little bit of a dance. But she clearly isn’t. Beautiful driving shots of the couple driving around downtown LA with the sun glimmering.

The couple drives along the 1st street bridge as the breeze flows through. The two grab hands and the hold is tighter than ever. We see the girl sketch him on the bridge as he takes a moment to look at her engaged in her sketch. The sun begins to set on the West Coast. The screen glitch’s to see some birds flying over space. The couple arrives to the PCH as we see the girl smiling. They pull over to a Cliffside view. She looks over and begins to sketch her boyfriend as he takes a huge bite of a burrito. The two laugh and enjoy the time together. She begins to sketch him while eating the burrito.

The Female tosses the polaroid pictures off the cliff. He smiles then we see the couple walk down the cliff in slow motion. She has her notebook in hand as they rest near the rocks down by the ocean. Quick Montage of all the girls drawings from the day as the sketches are perfectly completed. The girl rests her head on the males shoulder as they look out onto the sunset. End.

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