Genero is a global video production marketplace. We connect brands with a vast community of creators, so they can scale their video production and reduce costs while becoming more creative, agile and authentic.

In the 90s and 2000s, we were client side marketers.

As the marketing landscape shifted towards digital, we identified that video was the highest performing format. Time spent watching video was also rising rapidly, meaning we needed a lot more video to communicate with our audiences.
Although video was becoming easier to produce and there were increasing numbers of incredibly talented people who could create it, we couldn't reach those people through our agencies. The traditional model also didn't allow us to produce the volume of video we needed at the pace required to respond to culture and changes in the market, and budgets were often being cut.

We knew there was a better way.

So in 2009 we started Genero ('to create' in Latin), to help both brands and creators find new ways to create. This has been our mission ever since. We're a smarter, faster, more affordable way to create video content.
We started in the music industry, to build the most creative community on the planet. We worked with some of the biggest music artists and record labels in the world, giving filmmakers everywhere amazing opportunities to express their creativity and make official music videos. And it's this creativity and storytelling that Genero and our community bring to the advertising industry, to produce content that audiences want to watch and share.

And here we are.

We now work with some of the biggest, best and most forward thinking brands, arming them with the power to create via our incredible and huge global creative community, made up of the best creative minds and content creators in the world.
We have talented teams in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore, Sydney and our headquarters in Melbourne.
Meet the team
Mick Entwisle - Genero Co-founder and joint CEO
Mick Entwisle
Co-founder & CEO
Prior to founding Genero, Mick was in client side marketing with startups and large companies, including 10 years at Hewlett Packard. His various global roles included running digital marketing for HP in Australia and NZ, where he led HP's transition into digital marketing, pioneering their use of search, social media and online advertising.
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Andrew Lane - Genero Co-founder and joint CEO
Andrew Lane
Co-founder & CEO
Prior to founding Genero, Andrew's career started in brand management roles for market leading FMCG/CPG brands, but quickly moved into strategic and transformation roles for established and startup eCommerce businesses. He then led the online team for one of Vodafone's business units covering sales, marketing and customer experience.
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Harry Preston
Managing Director - AU/NZ
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Stefan Zoltowski
Managing Director - EMEA
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Joe Poynter
Managing Director - SE Asia
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Matt Perry
Managing Director - Americas
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"Genero belongs to a new theme of marketplace collaboration and resource sharing that will change the way companies achieve their goals, just as things like Airbnb and Uber are changing the way people live."
Gem Laforteza Global Brand Manager - Closeup
"Genero's platform is at the forefront of video production on demand, setting a new bar for what it means to produce video at scale. In the age of mobile, capturing people's attention requires moving fast."
Philip Hur Partner Development Manager