Our solution

A global production solution for B2B content marketing.

Client: HP

The brief

HP was looking for an ongoing production partner to produce creative and engaging customer testimonial videos, to showcase how pivotal HP products and services are to their customers’ businesses.

The brand needs a global, agile production solution to create high quality, documentary-style testimonials with HP customers, quickly and effectively.

The approach

So far, we’ve created testimonial videos in different cities across the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. 

The customer stories range from Volkswagen in Germany using 3D printers to create parts for their cars, to Smile Direct in the USA creating moulds for teeth straightening and Chaudigital in Hong Kong, a fine art printer who prints for artists, photographers and museums. 

Each video captures the customer’s authentic story in a cinematic way, providing a series of genuine and engaging testimonials. 

Our model continues to allow HP’s marketing team to source professional content creators in each required market, and create consistent videos in an efficient and collaborative way, with significant cost savings.

“Over the last 2 years Genero has enabled us to consistently create a variety of amazing quality content at pace, helping us bring B2B stories to life in a credible and human manner. Working with a diverse set of talented and trustworthy creators all around the world we’ve been able to deliver a range of different projects and overcome many challenges along the way. Their agile way of working and philosophy makes them the perfect partner for the modern marketeer.”

Johanna Payne, WW 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing Marketing Manager at HP Inc.

The work

Germany - Volkswagen

USA - Smile Direct Club

India - Oyster Mural

Kuwait - PJR

Taiwan - TCI

China - Artscape Shanghai

Canada - Ropes Edge & Go Proto

Switzerland - Ortho-Team

Thailand - JK's MONZ

Italy - Weerg

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