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TikTok content creation Genero curated network

A curated creator network delivering fresh, localised content for TikTok.

Client: TikTok

The challenge

TikTok has an on-going need for fresh, relevant and localised content to drive app downloads around the world and get more people using the platform. The content needs to be engaging to non-users of TikTok who are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Local relevance is key for TikTok, so they require a production solution which ensures consistency while enabling access to a wide range of creators all over the world. These creators need to deliver fresh creative content at high volumes and to tight timelines. 

TikTok also need to create content which is representative of the type of videos on their platform, so sourcing creators who can create ‘UGC style’ content yet maintain professional production values is key.

The approach

Firstly we curated a custom network of professional creators for TikTok who demonstrated strong UGC credentials, and trained them in TikTok’s brand guidelines and best practices. 

By ensuring this network is diverse in background, skillset and geography, and continuing to grow the network, we’re able to provide TikTok with a cost-efficient, always-on creative model.

In collaboration with TikTok, we’ve further refined and optimised the production process for speed and scale by:

  • Developing a custom workflow that ensures maximum efficiency and optimisation
  • Incorporating monthly performance metrics and insights on key trending topics into the briefs, for a creative feedback and optimisation loop
  • Delivering a bespoke post production model which decouples the live-action and post-production process, providing a group of always-on post production specialists who can manage high volumes and ensure consistency
  • Turning live-action content around quickly, moving from brief to shoot in as little as 5 days.

The work

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