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Google & Genero partner to deliver YouTube-first videos at scale to Google clients.

Genero news 01 March, 2022

The creative tech platform is supporting hundreds of SMBs with best practice video ads through the YouTube Video Creative Program. 

1 March 2021, San Francisco: Genero has been named Global Creative Partner for a new YouTube program aimed at helping small and medium businesses produce best practice video ads for its platform. The YouTube Video Creative Program, funded by Google, will deliver hundreds of original productions to selected clients to demonstrate the value of the TrueView ad format using Genero’s creative tech platform and global network of professional creatives. 

With an affordable solution for generating high quality creative ideas and video content, Genero was first selected to operate a pilot for the program in North America and has been delivering optimized TrueView ads for SMB clients at scale over the last 12 months. The program has now been expanded to service clients across almost every vertical in both North America and EMEA, with the potential for more regions to follow. 

Genero’s platform provides access to a network of production companies, directors, animators and other creatives who are trained in best practices for YouTube, as well as a streamlined production workflow. This combination is providing SMBs with a full production solution from sourcing creative ideas, through to the delivery of quality YouTube videos for their campaigns. 

To ensure the success of the program, it was critical for Google to find creative production partners with the ability to efficiently deliver high quality video content across a range of global markets. Providing access to a diverse array of creative talent is also an important element, and 84% of productions operated throughout the pilot were produced by diverse creative teams highlighting Genero’s strong commitment to increasing representation for producers identifying as women, LGBTQI+ and People of Color.

"Partnering with Genero has allowed us to empower businesses at a whole new level of scale. And while we as an Ads Monetization team are responsible for growing SMBs on YouTube, it's equally important that we nurture a diversity of producers who make up the great Ad content we see everyday. Genero is a scaled way for us to reach them".

Maxwell Hawes, Creative Product Marketing Lead at YouTube

“We’re thrilled to continue working with Google to expand this exciting program. Getting great quality creative is a big challenge for small businesses, particularly when it comes to video. They often don’t have the right expertise in-house, and external agencies can be too expensive. The combination of an incredible network of creatives at their fingertips, and a simple, efficient platform workflow makes getting great ads for YouTube so much more accessible”.

Matt Perry, Managing Director for North America - Genero

If you’re interested in creating best practice ads for YouTube, get in touch to learn how we can help.

About Genero

Genero is a global creative platform that provides always-on access to a global, professional network of 120,000 creatives, to generate fresh creative thinking and visual content. Their creative technology solution provides a scalable, efficient content production model for global brands including L’Oréal, Hilton, ABinBev, Levi’s, Diageo, Unilever and Forbes.

Genero are also official partners of major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Amazon and Hulu, providing their advertising clients with a creative solution delivering best practice advertising content for each channel.