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Home is closer than you think: Watch the winning film from our Qantas brief

Work 04 August, 2015

With the success of their Feels Like Home spot and their position as one of the strongest brands in Australia, it was an absolute pleasure for us to collaborate with Qantas on a special brief for their latest campaign. We’re now thrilled to share the winning video!

“Travel is an adventure and part of the ethos of every Australian. But through it all, the sense of longing to return persists, back to the country of your childhood. So, when you’re ready… Home is closer than you think.”

A huge congratulations to Joey, Johan and Dan of Guys With Hair! Their film was a hit with the team at Qantas, and you can watch it above.

A special mention also goes to our extremely talented Runners Up, Australian filmmakers Blunt Gorilla and Filmenor. Take a look at their beautiful videos below.

Blunt Gorilla


We had such an awesome response to this brief, so a huge thank you to everyone who submitted! Find out which films were selected as Staff Picks and Finalists here.