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Using Genero • Written by Ellie Cameron-Krepp, Senior Community Manager

New to Genero? Welcome, you’re in the right place. Let’s get you up-to-speed so you can start producing great content at scale, faster than ever before.

Once you’ve signed up and logged into the platform – it’s all smooth sailing. As you’ll see, our tech is pretty intuitive with purpose-built platform tools to make every stage of the production process a whole lot easier. But to help you navigate the first steps, we’ve put together a few key tips for getting the most out of the platform.

Posting your first brief:

1. Talk to your regional Genero team: Our expert team in your local region are on hand to help you make the most of our creative ecosystem – and give you advice on budgets before your brief goes live. Reach out here.

2. Be inspired: See how other brands are finding success on Genero by exploring our case studies for a huge range of industries and different types of content.

3. Get started: Use our new brief form to write a clear, creative brief for our creative community. Read our tips on how to craft a clear and well-written brief here.

When reviewing submissions:

1. Embrace diversity: One of the key benefits of working with Genero is having access to an abundance of different ideas, coming from creatives all over the world. Diversity fuels creativity, and embracing it is good for your brand as well as the wider industry.

2. Put our tools to use:
• Feedback: Use tags to highlight what works or what could be improved on each submission. As well as being valuable feedback for the creator, an overview of the tags will help you and your team identify strong pitches from your treatment list.
• Private notes: Jot down your thoughts about each submission to help guide your decision, and see any notes from the Genero team if we’re helping you with the shortlisting process.
• Shortlisting: Use the star button to shortlist your favourite submissions and keep track of which pitches you love.

3. Keep your creatives in the loop.
• Questions about a pitch? Feel free to communicate and develop ideas with creators who submit treatments to make sure you’re happy before you commission.
• Timeline changes? If you’re not going to make a selection by the commission date, message all creators to let them know, and decline any non-shortlisted submissions if they’re no longer in consideration.

4. Give feedback and be personal: Sharing a note with unsuccessful creators can go a long way. They have taken the time to respond to your brief and would love to know what to do better next time. Before you commission your selected creator, take the time to decline treatments with a short note to say thanks. Any extra personalised feedback (particularly for your shortlist) is a huge bonus.

Learn more about reviewing submissions via our FAQ.

During and after production:

1. Keep it on the platform: This is an important one. Keeping messages on the platform will ensure we’re able to help in making things go as smoothly as possible, and it will also make sure you’re completely covered within our terms.

2. Use the platform tools: They’re there to make your life easier. Providing feedback on assets is simple, time-stamped and super collaborative. Once assets are approved, creators can deliver everything via Final Deliverables, so all your assets are saved and stored.

3. Release payments & leave feedback: Once invoices are paid, funds are available to release via the dashboard. Set up progress payments to release part payments to creators throughout the process, and once the final payment is released and the project is wrapped, you can leave feedback for the creator which will appear on their Genero profile.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a brief, your local Genero office would love to hear from you.

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