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Getting started on Genero

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New to Genero? Let’s get you up-to-speed so you can start producing great content at scale, faster than ever before.

What is Genero?

Genero is a creative and production ecosystem, combining a global creative network, end-to-end production platform and an expert team. With a streamlined workflow that replaces inefficient manual processes, our solution augments agency and in-house resources so brands can produce more digital content, for less, for an ever increasing number of platforms.

The Genero platform is intuitive with purpose-built tools to make every stage of the production process a whole lot easier. But to help you navigate the first steps, we’ve put together a few key tips to give you an overview on how to get the most out of Genero.

Posting your first brief:

1. Talk to your regional Genero team: Our expert team in your local region are on hand to help you make the most of our creative ecosystem and craft the perfect brief – reach out here.

2. Get started on your brief: Use our online brief form to write a clear brief for our creative community. Read our tips on how to craft a clear and well-written brief here. If you need any help just get in touch with our team, and your brief will also be reviewed and approved before it’s launched.

3. Setting your budget: By default, your brief budget will cover all elements of the creative and production process. Any fees Genero charges are also included within your budget and not added on top. The Genero team can give advice on budgets before your brief goes live.

4. Choose an open or private brief: You can launch briefs to the wider Genero community, or limit your brief to a smaller pool of creatives. Our team can help identify the best creatives for your initial brief, and then over time, you can build your own network of preferred partners to private brief and collaborate with on Genero.

5. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is protected on Genero via our terms, which every creative agrees to. If you want to go further you can keep any confidential information such as your brand name, product, or other details out of your initial brief and only share it with shortlisted creatives after their initial pitch.

A preview of the briefing form.

Reviewing submissions and creator selection:

  • Creator submissions and profiles – You’ll receive detailed creative proposals on your brief, which will include relevant examples of previous work. You can also review their full Genero profile to see a broader range of their experience and credentials.
  • Quality rankings and reviews – You’ll see Genero quality rankings for creatives (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum), which are earned through delivering quality work for clients and past client reviews to give you more insight.
  • Shortlisting responses – Use our range of tools to help with the shortlisting process including tagging, private notes and sharing shortlisted pitches to colleagues for feedback and approval.
  • Genero team support – The Genero team can help with shortlisting of creative responses and can make recommendations on the best teams to work with.
  • Ask questions – You’re encouraged to ask questions or for any additional information, and to develop ideas with creators to make sure you’re happy before you make your selection and move into production.
  • Creator selection – Once you find the right idea and team, you can select them on the platform and move into production. No need for additional legal contracting, as that’s all covered within our platform terms, your brief, the pitch you’re selecting and any communications and agreements on the platform.
  • Payments – Genero will invoice you and once payment is made, the money will sit on the platform for you to release to your selected creative team throughout the production process. We handle all of the creative payments via the platform.

Learn more about reviewing submissions via our FAQ.

Managing production:

  • Messaging and communication: Use our messaging tools to keep your communications on the platform. This ensures our team can help throughout the process, as well as capturing all approvals, changes and agreements. Platform communications also form part of your legal agreement with your selected creative team. 
  • Creative feedback and approvals: Use our creative feedback tool to provide time-stamped feedback on each edit to make the process clear and efficient. Approve your final assets once you’re happy.
  • Asset delivery and storage: Your creative team will upload the masters for your final approved assets, so they’re centrally stored on the Genero platform for whenever you need them.
  • Talent release forms and other agreements: Digital talent release forms, location releases and music licences are also uploaded and stored on the platform for easy reference. Other custom agreements or contracts can also be used by your creative team and uploaded to Genero.
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