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Adapting a TVC for different Asian cultures.

Client: trivagoCreators: CONTENTED, Red Films Asia, Kapoor Bros, Shreyom Ghosh

The brief

Trivago had a successful American TV commercial which they needed to recreate and localise for Korea, Thailand and India.

The work

Through a series of briefs, Trivago commissioned local Genero creators in each market. Each localised film is true to the original creative, but adapted for culture and nuance using local talent and locations.

Trivago received 4 x 30 second TV commercials for Korea, Thailand, Delhi and Jaipur plus 16 x cut down and optimised assets for social media. They also received behind the scenes films for each shoot.

“Genero is a very powerful creative platform for finding the best teams across the world to make your dream video come true, fast and efficiently. It is also a great tool to coordinate the process of creation in one place. It can never get messy again! A perfect solution for shoots, re-edits and many more, that helps us get the best talent and execution”.

Sheli Efimova, Creative Producer for trivago's Brand Marketing team

Original TVC - America

Localised TVC - Korea

Localised TVC - Thailand

Localised TVC - Delhi

Localised TVC - Jaipur

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C O N T E N T E D is an international film production company specialising in commercial and promotional films.

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Red Films Asia

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Wade Muller of Red Films Asia is an Australian filmmaker based in Thailand, with many years of experience creating feature films and commercials across Asia.

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Kapoor Bros

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Kapoor Brothers is an award-winning directing team, specializing in ad films.

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Shreyom Ghosh

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Shreyom Ghosh is a filmmaker at Big 3 Media, shuffling between Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong after finishing a MFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

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