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CGU migrant business stories

Emotional short films about migrant small business owners.

Client: CGUCreators: Ali Mousawi, Brosis Films

The brief

CGU wanted to reach the hearts and minds of their audience through authentic storytelling. They came to Genero to find Australian filmmakers who could capture the experiences of two migrant small businesses in engaging short films.

The objective of the campaign was to drive appreciation of the role migrant businesses play in the Australian community and their contribution to the economy, while also bringing the brand out of their category and making them relevant to culture. 

Asking filmmakers to hone on the grit of the day to day and the moments that matter, the films would be launched at the film festival Tropfest and also distributed online.

The work

The Knafeh Experience

Genero creators Ali Mousawi and Zoe Edema paired up to capture ‘The Knafeh Experience’ which goes behind the scenes of the Knafeh Bakery, a pop up bakery in a shipping container.

The film reveals the vibrant personalities and strong passion behind the popular business, as well as the story of the owners – the El Issa family. The short film also highlights how the owners have incorporated the loving and passionate culture of their Jordanian heritage into the heart of their operations.

Karla Spetic

Brosis Films created a film which tells the story of fashion designer Karla Spetic, a Croation migrant who came to Australia following the 1991 civil war. 

The film follows her upbringing and deep connections to family and design, as well as the creation of her fashion label. The film is captured and edited in a cinematic and atmospheric aesthetic, making for a moving short film.

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Ali Mousawi

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Ali Mousawi is an Iranian filmmaker and photojournalist living in Sydney, Australia. He has over 14 years’ experience in Ahwaz, Iran working for a variety of news agencies in multiple roles including Main Photographer, Group Manager and Editor in Chief.

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Brosis Films

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Brosis Films is a boutique production company based in Sydney. They specialise in creating purposeful brand concepts and connecting with audiences through meaningful and compelling film content. Brosis produces commercials, social content documentaries and music videos. They aim to capture the precious moments of human experience and to create enduring films that transform the way we see the world.

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